P & M Global professionally represents companies providing successful sales management, marketing, social media, product positioning, promotion, category growth and account management for the sporting good industry.




Develop brand & product presentations for Senior Management, DMM, Institutional & Buyer levels.

Develop social media platforms, content management.

Create total marketing programs on budget to deliver bottom-line revenue requirements.

Develop consistent marketing presentations across multiple product lines and channels of distribution.

Media purchase, creation, and scheduling.

Orchestrate mutually beneficial manufacturer and account communication to develop unique packaging, ads and product promotions.

Enhancing the brand, full line placement and growing revenue opportunities through strategic private label product development.

Adept in understanding seasonality and ad placement product flow.

Experienced in negotiating vendor agreements, discounts, cooperative advertising, terms and allowances to benefit our brands.

Experienced in developing and managing tour contracts and marketing endorsement strategies.

Extensive experience & relationships with Top Management including vendor agreements, MDF/BDF, Merchandising Advisory Boards and strategic brand growth opportunities.

Implement a consistent merchandising presentation across multiple stores providing a template for auto-replenish fulfillment increasing turns at retail and driving manufacturer revenue growth.


The partners, Kirk Peglow and Barb Peglow, bring a wealth of experience to P&M Global's clientele both US -based and abroad. It's their extensive background in Marketing, Management, Distribution, Media, and Systems Management that makes P&M Global a trusted team to take your brand to the next level.

Brand Distribution & Channel Management
Chief Executive Officer, P&M Global

As Chief Executive Officer of P & M Global, Kirk is an effective team builder and leader with motivational business style. He's highly skilled at profit and loss management, sales, marketing, product sourcing, supply chain management, developing new and unique business opportunities, maintaining existing clients, training and developing teams.

Kirk founded and created P&M Global delivering first year sales revenues in excess of $5M through sales, marketing, sourcing contracts and business development plans with clients in recreational industries. He also branded, positioned and launched new Agricultural Chemical product to the US, and established domestic Dealer and Distribution network while overseeing initial product testing, packaging and marketing logistics.

Kirk developed the distribution network for a German client to enter the United States market in 3 categories. He is responsible for developing and implementing successful product launches for clients entering new channels of distribution for incremental profits through brand positioning, distribution and channel management strategies. He has also hired, trained and manages 30 Territory Managers calling on Distributors, Dealers, and Retailers in all channels of distribution. 

Additional areas of expertise include:

  • P&L Responsibility
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Merchandising
  • Risk & Reward Analysis
  • Purchasing
  • Product Development

Chief Operating Officer and Senior VP of Customer Service

As Chief Operating Officer of P & M Global, Barb’s exemplary career includes a skill set that enhances P & M Global’s ability to service our companies that we represent.  Her personal skills and experience include over 30 years in the Financial/customer service industry at the highest level.  She spent 7 years as Vice President Institutional Trust for Commerce Bank, 8 years as Vice President of the Institutional Trust Group for First Trust/US Bank managing and servicing several of the top 50 Institutional Trust accounts nationwide and 8 years as Institutional Trust Manager at First Star/US Bank managing the department’s largest account.  She joined P & M Global in July, 2012. 

Barb excels in managing account relationships with a detail oriented approach to business and customer service. 

Additional areas of expertise include:

  • Credit Management
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Custom Service Management
  • Order Entry Development

Why Hire An Expert?

If professional marketing, sales, service, analysis, support, follow up and Senior Management relationships are not in place you can rest assured your product will not be on the shelf.

Retail consolidation, human resource costs, shortened product life cycles and P/L demands have made for an extremely competitive and difficult market place. Brands with unlimited payroll or spend and hope marketing budgets need only order takers not professional marketing & sales representation. Relationships are still key but only open the door, companies can no longer afford hired guns focused on the next commission check. Successful brands demand professional representation with problem solvers not problem identifiers. Account demands placed on follow up, marketing support, training and product knowledge require specialists focused on brand success for the long term.


P&M Global
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